National Scouting Combine presents DL William Martin III

Position:Defensive Tackle and End
School: UAlbany
HT/WT:6’0 / 270
X: @billyxgoat77
Instagram: billyxgoat.77

How’d you end up at your current school? What was the recruiting process like? I graduated
from Bloomsburg University and entered the portal for my last year of eligibility. The
recruiting process was very up and down. It taught me a sense of patience with not rushing
things and waiting for the right team that I felt was best for me!

What gives you an advantage over other athletes at your position? My athleticism, my
speed with my size is a combo that you don’t see everyday so it takes some by surprise
when they see me in action. Also my drive and want to be great! I want to be the best and I
know that to be the best you have to work very hard day in and day out!
What does being a student of a game mean to you? To me being a student of the game
means to watch and learn from the greats and the best of today! My favorite player of all
time is Lawrence Taylor. He played with great tenacity and his athleticism was over the top.
My favorite current player is Aaron Donald. I watch his tape and highlights all the time to see
what I can learn and even try to get some of his moves down packed to try during my

How does being a DL reflect itself in your personal life? Being a defensive
linemen reflects on my personal life by showing that patience is key! Patience is key by
being a defensive linemen with run gap responsibilities and pass rush. Run gap
responsibilities means holding your gap and not leaving that gap until the runner declares
what gap he is actually going to run through. With pass rush, you have to set up the
offensive lineman with multiple pass rushes until that one rep when a counter move will
work for you to get a great pass rush in. In relation to my personal life, I live by not rushing
things and letting things come to me when they come.
How would you describe your work ethic? To describe my work ethic I would say I am
resilient, always looking to move forward and never dwell on the past. Next I would say that
I am very goal oriented, once I make a goal for myself I push myself to achieve that goal
and more. Lastly I would say that I am very hardworking and reliable, you can rely on me to
workout and get better overtime.

What do you consider to be one of the more important things you learned from the coaching
staff? One of the most important things I learned from the coaching staff is to never stop
going and to keep moving forward. Always look ahead in life and football and never
backwards. One bad play does not defy the rest of the game, put it behind you and play the
next play. Which goes hand in hand with life, one bad day will not dictate the rest of your
life, keep going and be better the next day.

What would you consider to be your biggest accomplishment in your sports career so far?
My biggest accomplishment in my sports career so far is making my dreams become reality
for myself. Growing up my dream was to play Division 1 football, I had to take a different
route then the one in my head at the time. I was able to persevere through everything I went
through to get to where I am today!

How did you hear about the National Scouting Combine? Last year a teammate attended
the event himself and loved the experience and told me about it. Turnaround to this year
and I was invited on Twitter by Alec Hankins.

Why did you choose the National Scouting Combine? I chose the National Scouting
Combine to have the opportunity to perform at my highest level and give myself a chance in
front of scouts and others from all around the world!

What do you hope to show people at the combine? I hope to show that I am a talented
athlete and player that is worth taking a chance on at the next level!

What was your Major?  My major was
Business Administration and Management

If you could make a positive impact on all of society what would it be and why? If I could
make a positive impact it would be neighborhood clean ups and positive impact events.
Most neighborhoods around where are live have trash all over the place, overgrown grass,
etc and I would love to be able to get groups of people together and clean it up and give
back to the communities.

What is something unique about you that people would find interesting? I am a very open
minded person, I take others' advice and guidance into mind when deciding what to do next.
Also that I am persistent when I set a goal for myself. I’ll do whatever needs to be done to
get to where I want to be.

If you had the opportunity to play another sport professionally, what sport would you
This is a hard choice for me because growing up I played football, basketball and
baseball but it would most likely be basketball! I love basketball and the game itself.

Are you involved in mentoring, a charity or do you “give back” or “pay it forward” in your
Yes I am, I help my dad out with coaching and helping with my local boroughs
little league basketball teams. I have a connection with most of the kids and I love being
around them helping them grow and being something positive for them to look up to.