National Scouting Combine presents Tra’Jen Anderson – Watts

Position: Defensive Back 

School: Mississippi College 

HT/WT: 5’9/185

X: tandersonwatts 

Instagram: trajenandersonwatts 

Achievements: 2024 Dream Bowl Defensive MVP 


How’d you end up at your current school? What was the recruiting process like? 

 I ended up at my current school after I completed my  Mississippi Juco Career at East Central Community College then I transferred to Coahoma Community College due to COVID pandemic giving me an extra year. The recruiting process was slow. A lot of teams were interested but never pulled the trigger besides Mississippi College and I Thank God everyday for the blessing because all I needed was one team to believe in me. 

What gives you an advantage over other athletes at your position?

My love for the game , my film study , and my work ethic plus my competitive nature I believe gives me an advantage because I just love the game of football and I’m always open to learning more and more. Additionally, I’m always hungry to outdo myself performance wise from the last game or last season. 


What does being a student of a game mean to you?

Being a student of the game means a lot. I believe film study is important plus it gives you heads up on a lot of things the offense likes to do as far as play calling and signal checks. 


How does being a DB reflect itself in your personal life? 

Being a defensive back is truly who I am and it relates to my life just by how confident I am which was instilled in me by my family since my peewee football league days. I believe as a defensive back you have to have that confidence in you to cover any type of receiver and when something goes wrong still have that same confidence and trust yourself to the fullest. 


How would you describe your work ethic?

My work ethic is unmatched ! Any coach or teammate can vouch for me. Everyday I’m ready to compete and get better ! 


What do you consider to be one of the more important things you learned from the coaching staff?

No matter the circumstances when the clock is ticking DOMINATE ! 


What would you consider to be your biggest accomplishment in your sports career so far? 

My biggest accomplishment in my career is God giving me the grace and mercy to make it this far and not many people can say that who have played this game of football. All The Glory Goes To God ! Moreover , I graduated with a bachelor of science degree and became the Defensive MVP at the 2024 Dream Bowl Event !


How did you hear about the National Scouting Combine?

I heard about the National Scouting Combine from social media , specifically my twitter account. 


Why did you choose the National Scouting Combine?

I chose the National Scouting Combine because of the opportunity to get in front of scouts and not only show what I can do outside of pads but what I can do when the pads are on also. It’s a full package of tests and evaluations that can really help me raise my stock. 


What do you hope to show people at the combine?

I will show people who I am as a competitor , my work ethic will show  who I am on and off the field. Not too many times you get this opportunity so I have to make it count ! I will turn a lot of heads ! 


What was your Major?

My major at Mississippi College was General Kinesiology. I got my degree in December of 2023 in the bachelors of science department. 


If you could make a positive impact on all of society what would it be and why?

The positive impact I want to make on society is making people happy when holidays come around such as passing out turkeys for Thanksgiving or buying toys to hand out to kids on Christmas and also feeding the homeless which is something I have experienced with being on student council back in high school. I also want to one day open my own gym and indoor football facility in my home city of Hattiesburg, Mississippi. With that being said I also want to go back to my high school football facility and redo the weight room and begin construction on a turf football field. 


What is something unique about you that people would find interesting?

Something unique about me is my energy. I have good energy as a person and as an athlete. I love laughter , being around family. I’m truly a family guy. I love learning new ways or techniques to play coverages , playing man etc. I just have good vibes as a person on and off the field. 


If you had the opportunity to play another sport professionally, what sport would you choose?

If I had the opportunity to play another sport professionally I would run track. I ran track back in high school and athletic racing has been a part of my life for a long time. I love racing. 


Are you involved in mentoring, a charity or do you “give back” or “pay it forward” in your community?

No not right now but in the future I will be giving back to my community. I love where I’m from and I love where I’m going. With  God and the support of my family I will do great things and I will definitely never forget where I came from !

2024 National Scouting Combine

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